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Located in the Natura 2000 network which brings together "natural or semi-natural sites" of the European Union with great heritage value due to the exceptional flora and fauna they contain

Life peat bogs and Live Elia: two projects partly in the municipality of Nassogne

Life peat bog, which aimed to restore wetlands and peat bogs, ie: 842 ha of resined areas in 9 communes whose owners are private and the RW and heritage.

Life Elia, which aimed to transform the forest right of way under the high voltage line into an ecological corridor.

This shows the ecological importance of the municipality of Nassogne.

La Fontaine au Stock

Located taken from the highest point of the forest, the source of the "Brûlée Fagne" stream was already informed on the forest plan of 1621. The 5-sided terminal that we see today was planted in 1759 and marks the limits of the wood of Nassogne-Freyer-Grune-Bande and Sainte-Gertrude.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Signposted circuits:

Les Huttes NG 24, 10 km (red rectangle): departure from the Laid Trou pavilion

Be Djouai NG 18 (green cross) 8km from Place Communale

Ugly hole NG 20 (yellow diamond) 8 km start at Place Communale

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Info: OCT de Nassogne rue de Lahaut, 3 6950 Nassogne 084/22 15 58

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