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“It's after crossing a sun-scorched plain that I meet them.

They don't stay by the side of the road because of the noise.

They inhabit wasteland, on a source known only to birds.

From a distance, they seem impenetrable. As soon as I approach, their trunks loosen. They welcome me with caution. I can rest, cool off, but I guess they are watching me and challenging each other.

They live in families, the oldest, in the middle and the small ones, those whose first leaves have just been born, everywhere, without ever straying.

They take a long time to die, and they keep the dead standing until they crumble to dust.

They flatter each other with their long branches, to make sure they're all there, like the blind. They gesticulate in anger if the wind dies to uproot them. But between them no dispute. They only whisper in agreement.

I feel they must be my real family. I will quickly forget the other. These trees will adopt me little by little, and to deserve it I am learning what to know:

I can already watch the passing clouds.

I also know how to stay still.

And I can almost be silent. "

Jules Renard  

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La Wassoie:

The Wassoie stream takes its source in the woods of Nassogne at an altitude of 500m.

The valley straddles the Famenne and the Ardennes.

Tributary of the Wamme in which it flows to Harsin after a 9km course at an altitude of 250m

The beaver has been living there since 2010.


Enclosure - exclosures

Photo enclosure - exclosures of Olivier Embise

The height growth of all species is negatively affected by deer. Negative consequences are to be feared for the diversification of forests, which is nevertheless necessary to improve their resilience in the face of climatic hazards and required by the forestry code.

The enclosure is fenced, the vegetation is out of the reach of large herbivores

The enclosure is located next to the enclosure, same natural conditions and left free of movement for animals

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Marked circuit:

Les Huttes NG24 10km (red rectangle): departure from the Laid Trou pavilion

ugly Hole NG 20 8 km (yellow diamond)

Info: OCT de Nassogne rue de Lahaut, 3 084/22 15 58

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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