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Pin Cembro (pinus Cembra)

Its habitat is located in the central European Alps between 1400 and 2500 meters of altitude. This tree appreciates siliceous or even very acidic soils.

It is a monoecious tree: male flowers (purple then yellow catkins) and female flowers (red catkins) bloom on the same footing.

Its growth is slow, it takes 30 years to become a shrub 1.30 m high.


Height : 20 to 35 meters high.


Bark : greenish gray and smooth when the tree is young but peels off over time.


Needles : dark green, dense and rigid, about 8 cm and grouped by 5 (by 2 in other pines).


Fruits : The cones are stocky and purplish, in the shape of a truncated cylinder. The scales are broad and rounded. In the first year, the cones fall without opening.


Use : Realization of sculptures (soft wood), manufacture of furniture and cuckoo.

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