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Native to Europe, it is a fast growing tree, very resistant to cold. The ash still gives off late frosts which can kill the terminal buds. Nevertheless, the ash appreciates the sunny areas, by the river or in mixed forest where it mixes with the English oak or other deciduous trees (which fall each year to renew themselves).


In Norwegian mythology, the ash was "the most sacred of all trees".

Its wood is sought after because of its resistance to bending and impact.


Height : up to 40 meters and 1 meter in diameter.


Bark : straight trunk and smooth, greyish bark, cracking after 30 years.


Foliage : composed of 9 to 13 oblong and denticulate leaflets, almost sessile (directly attached to the stem). The leaves are dark green and hairless above but paler and slightly pubescent below.


Flowers : Common ash flowers after 30 to 40 years. The flowers are small, greenish yellow, grouped in clusters. They are hermaphrodites. Flowering takes place from March to May depending on the region.

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