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Rustling of the elytra

Pulsating iridescent wings

Ocelli mirrors that reflect the night

High-pitched darts that pierce

Shiny shells

Silk traps

Rain pearl halos



Shadow weavers

On the lookout for moths

Mysterious metamorphoses

Chrysalis dreams

In limpid azures

Floral ambrosia

In greedy tubes

Electric suicides

In the fires of the night


Scarabs, black divers

Arid lands

Iridescent dragonflies

Touching the water without wrinkles

Dark legions of ants

In bodies that swarm

Sea of ​​mandibles

Chopping up pieces of life



In a summer garden

A sleeping beauty

In a waking dream

Observed everyone


Poem by Hervé Lafforgue

Signposted circuits:

NG17 le Maquis 6,5km: blue diamond

NG21 la Masblette 10 km: yellow cross

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