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A giant beech told me:


The shadow of my foliage is so mighty

How agreeable I am to all passers-by.

Yet sometimes I say to myself

I overshadow my friends too much


Maybe i will finish

Somewhere in your fireplace

On winter evenings with my wood you will warm yourself

And this time it's you who will talk to me. "


Extract from the poetry of Jean Girard

Château du Bois:

In 1872, Prince Pierre-Napoléon Bonaparte, nephew of Emperor Napoleon I, after having killed a journalist, took refuge in Mochamps, he bought land at a place called Pré Lacroix and had a pavilion built. His wish was to be buried there. Instead of an Ardennes tomb, he was buried in Versailles. The building has been restored as a cottage to accommodate tourists.


A bivouac area: open all year round for everyone

Two barbecue areas

Signposted circuits:

Les Combes NG22 12km, red diamond

La Diglette NG23 14km, blue cross

Les Huttes NG24 10km, red rectangle

Info: OCT

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