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Man, I am the wood of your cradle, and that of your coffin.

I am the warmth of your home on cold winter nights.

I shade you when the sun is scorching in summer.

I am the frame of your house, and the floor of the table.

I am the bed you sleep in, so pleasantly.

I am the furniture where you store your belongings.

I am the door to your house, protect you.

I am the wood of your office where you write such beautiful things.

I am the handle of your hoe, and of your shovel.

I am the wood from which you make your ships so majestic.

Man, YOUR forest is a giant flower,

marvelous in smell and beauty.

Man take according to YOUR needs,

but replant according to MY needs.

MAN ... MAN ... MAN ... listen to my prayer,

do not break Me Down.


Marked circuit:

NG18 Bé Djouai 8km: green cross

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